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Top most popular sports in the world, MINUTIA

Top most popular sports in the world

Man has been indulged in sports since ancient times. Hunting which was primarily a source of survival was also a sport activity where man participated and competed to earn his respects. Times have changed and revolutions done but one thing that remains the same is the man’s indulgence in sports.

The rules and genre have changed but sports can still be linked to both competition and survival. For people who choose sports as a hobby, indulge to take a break from normal life and take some time off, sports is a competition they want to win for fun.

But for those who work hard and find their expertise in a certain sports, sports can be a professional career, paying for their survival. Apart from these two factors sports can be a joyful way to stay fit and healthy. And if you just don’t want to sweat, you can just turn on your televisions and make it a source of entertainment.

One way or the other sports is a part of life for most people around the globe. According to different populations, region and time there is a long list of sport games that has got popularity over time. Today we will talk about the top 10 most popular sports in the world;

Association football

Top most popular sports in the world, MINUTIA

Commonly known as soccer or football, association football takes the first place in the list. Played by 250 million players in nearly 200 countries, association football has a viewership of 3.3 to 3.5 billion fans around the globe.

With two goals at the opposite sides, the game is played in a rectangular field with the aim of getting the football in the opposing goal to earn a point. The player can use any part of the body to get the goal, except for their hands. Only goalkeepers can use their hands to touch the football in the playing field.

Apart from being the most popular soccer has also become the richest sports in the world. While most countries have both male and female teams, male soccer is more famous and the women teams are just growing on the path of popularity.

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 Soccer is most popular in Algeria, Colombia, Argentina, Kenya, Thailand, Poland, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Brazil, S. Arabia, Russia, Mexico, Spain, turkey and Netherlands.


Top most popular sports in the world, MINUTIA

Second on the list, cricket has a viewership of 2.5 billion people all over the world. Played in a 22-yard rectangular pitch at the center of a field, cricket is played among two teams of 11 players each. The game is played with a bat-and-ball. Each team takes turn to bat and ball, each turn is called an inning.

While one team bats the other fields in an attempt to stop the bating team at a score as low as possible. Cricket is played in three different formats; T20, ODI and Test matches. While the male cricket is more popular ICC has been taking measures to motivate the female players and establish gender equality in the game.

Cricket is a popular game in countries namely India, Pakistan, Australia, England, South Africa, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, West Indies, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.


Top most popular sports in the world, MINUTIA

Amongst the most paying sports in the world, basketball has a viewership of 2.2 billion people. Basketball is played by two opposing teams with 5 players each.

The players aim is to score points by shooting ball through an 18 inch hoop (diameters) mounted at a height of 10 feet from the ground to a backboard. One shot means one point for the team whose player shot the ball. The team who scores the maximum point at the end wins the game. With a limited female participation, basketball is majorly popular in man.

Basketball is most popular in Japan, US, China, Canada and the Philippines.

Field Hockey

Top most popular sports in the world, MINUTIA

Played in about 5 continents and 100 countries field hockey has a viewership of 2 billion people around the globe. Played by both man and women, hockey is a very technical game. With two opposing teams of 10 players each both the teams compete to score a hoop with the help of hockey sticks.

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Hockey is divided into two categories; ice hockey and field hockey and the popularity of both the categories vary according to the region. The game is primary popular in males not a lot of women find interest in hockey.

 While field hockey is India and Pakistan’s national game, ice hockey is famous in countries like Canada, the USA, Sweden and Latvia.


Top most popular sports in the world, MINUTIA

Unlike other team games, tennis is played in doubles and individually. The game has a fan base of one billion audiences around the world. The players use a racket and rubber ball to play and the objective is to serve the ball in such a way that the opponent is unable to make a good return.  Ranking highest on the gender equality scorecard tennis is equally famous in both men and women.

Tennis is also recognized as an individual sports played mostly in developed countries of Europe and regions of France, India, Germany, UK, China, Brazil,  Australia and South Africa.


Top most popular sports in the world, MINUTIA
High school female volleyball player spiking the ball during a competitive game

Originally started in America, volleyball now has a global recognition of 900 million fans. Played as both indoor and outdoor sports volleyball has about 220 affiliated national federations registered to the ‘FIVB’.

Volleyball is played between two teams with 6 players each competing against each other, the game is played in a court partitioned by a net, and points are scored by grounding the ball in accordance to the organized rules. In most of the countries volleyball is usually popular in the males but in many countries women also enjoy playing the game.

 Volleyball has been a part of summer Olympics game officially since 1964.  It is famous in the regions of Asia, Europe, America and Australia.

Table tennis

Top most popular sports in the world, MINUTIA
Two ping pong players play table tennis. One is dressed in a red sports uniform, the second is in blue. They are very concentrated.

Table Tennis is a world famous indoor game with an audience of 850 million. It is played in a table divided by nets, with a table tennis racket and light weight ball. Also known as ping pong, it is played by 2 or 4 players. Equally popular among the genders table tennis is popular for its gender equality ranking.

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Table tennis is famous in Asia, Europe, Africa and America. The game is played more as a hobby then profession.


Top most popular sports in the world, MINUTIA

With a viewership of 500 million. With 9 players each two teams take chances in batting and fielding in attempt to score more than the opponent team. There are four bases in the field and the runner has to cross all the bases to score a point. The one who throws the ball is called the pitcher. From a long time baseball has been a male dominated game but the number of female players is increasing day by day.

The game is popular in the regions of US, Japan, the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

American football rugby

Top most popular sports in the world, MINUTIA

Played mostly in the US rugby has an audience of 410 million people. The game is played in a 120 yards rectangular field with two opposing teams. The aim of the players is to take the oval shaped football (rugby ball) to the goalposts either by running or passing with the team members. It is a little harsh game. Rugby is a male dominated sport.

Regions other than US where rugby is popular are Canada, Mexico, England, France, New Zealand and South Africa.


Top most popular sports in the world, MINUTIA

Last in the list golf has a fan base of 390 million people.  The game is more of a relaxing source of entertainment rather than profession. The game needs precision and patience as the aim is to hit balls to a number of small in the least number of attempts. The game is more popular among male adults but a few women also enjoy the game.

Golf is Famous in UK, Korea, Japan and US.

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