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Can Detoxification Help To Treat Psoriasis?, MINUTIA

Can Detoxification Help To Treat Psoriasis?

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a skin disease that needs ongoing treatments (long term treatments). It can be called as chronic diseases. It occurs due to many reasons that include diet also. Psoriasis occur in any age, but it is most commonly seen in people within the age group of 50-69

The common causes that trigger psoriasis are:

  1. Many infections that include fever with a sore throat, usually caused by treptococcal infection or skin infections can trigger psoriasis.
  2. Cases are seen that it can also get triggered through changes in weather condition, especially when it is cold and dry conditions.
  3. Psoriases may occur due to injuries occurred on the skin that is later not treated well. Injuries that may cause psoriasis are cut or scrape on the skin, bug bite, and even severe sunburn due to exposure to sunlight.
  4. People who are suffering from depression or who are under lot of stress have chances to trigger psoriasis.
  5. There are few chances of developing psoriasis in skin, if you are on a heavy consumption of alcohol.
  6. Weak immune system is the major factor to trigger the psoriasis.
  7. It can occur due to impaired liver function.


  1. Person may observe rashes and res patches on the skin or swollen/inflamed skin. It is possible that one may notice a skin covered with loose and silver colored scales on the skin.
  2. Painful, itchy, and bleeding skin. The skin may crack and be very painful.
  3. When one scratches the itchy skin, it may bleed in small areas.
  4. You may find problems in the hand nails and toe nails and discoloration and many a times may get detached too; through nail bed 
  5. Psoriasis may cause further damage in your body by causing psoriasis arthritis.
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Many a times one might notice the symptoms come and go. But many other it can be a serious disease that can even disrupt the daily life. Person may feel discomfort, pain, and can feel embarrassed of psoriasis.  

Can psoriasis be treated by detox diet?

As per doctors, psoriasis is some kind of toxicity that assimilates in the body. Therefore detox diet for psoriases are recommended to the patients as the natural medication, as to remove toxins from the body in order to improve skin quality, health and minimizes the symptoms of psoriasis. Many claims that detox diet is not recommended for psoriasis as it is dangerous. But we will find out whether it is dangerous or not.

What is detox diet associated with psoriasis?

As we know that it is an inflammatory disease that affects the skin cell, it makes skin, dry, itchy and red. There are many reasons like stress, sun exposure, smoking, alcohol, etc that triggers psoriasis. The research says that certain dietary modifications can help to protect one from psoriasis.

The diet cuts off the inflammatory foods such as dairy, red meat, alcohol, added sugar, refined Carbs, nightshades, fried foods, grains that contain glutens eg wheat, barley, and rye.  Instead of these foods, detox diet includes fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and nutrients.  These foods help to strengthen immune systems, help to remove toxins, and remove harmful chemicals and compounds from the body.

Food plays a major role in person’s life suffering from psoriasis. As per study food rich in antioxidants has helped to improves skin health in many people suffering from psoriasis. Adding essential vitamins and eliminating food like alcohol, sugar, gluten, etc are very effective.

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According to the research the study says that having diet rich of antioxidants can alleviate psoriasis symptoms, resulting in decrease of oxidative stress. Fried food, added sugar, refined carbs, processed meats, etc are the main reason for the inflammation of the body that can trigger psoriasis. People allergic to gluten have higher risk of triggering psoriasis. Therefore eliminating these foods can help you get rid of the symptoms. Gluten free diet not only reduces the risk of psoriases but also of psoriasis arthritis and atopic dermatitis.

Can one try psoriasis detox diet?

Though detox diet help to eliminate the symptoms of psoriasis, but it might not detoxify and cleanse the body. This happens because one just cuts off the toxic food. According to the physiology of a human body, it can detoxify the body itself by detoxification system within. It happens with the help of liver, lungs, kidneys, and our digestive system. The components of detox diet vary from person to person. Of one can tolerate gluten, than it is not compulsory to cut off the gluten. Detox diet also asks to cut many foods that are rich in macronutrients. So rather than having detox diets you can even have nutritious and a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, protein, and heart-healthy fats.

Hence it is best to follow a balanced diet that is rich in macronutrients. It will not disturb you relationship with food and will strengthen your immunity. But if you are allergic/intolerant to gluten and any other food sources then its best to cut off the diet.

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