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Physical Test Preparation for Indian Army

Indian army is the most respected profession in India. Aspirants who are firm, mentally strong and dedicated to serve our mother land has a great chance to join Indian Army. Many years back government use to force the young lads to join the Indian Army but now at present the scenario is completely opposite, now they search for small mistakes of the applicants to eliminate from the army. The situation of Indian Army has improved much since past few decades. Thus the youth is getting attracted towards it. At present the facilities (food, living standards, and medical facilities) provided by Indian Army has improved a lot.

If you want to join Indian Army, you will have to prepare yourself before applying for Indian Army. So, given below are the steps that will help you to prepare from the scratch.

If we compare the selection process by few years back, it has changed a lot. There are major chances of you to be knocked out because of the competition.

Documents preparation/process

First step is that you need to organize your documents.

One should always for look imminent opportunities. You should always keep yourself updated and prepared for any imminent Indian Army recruitment in your start. Don’t miss out any opportunity as there can be any Open Rally Recruitment or may be Rally Bharti in your state or Locality. But to be selected in Indian Army only runs are not important. You should have all the documents needed to be verified, and your documents should match with the eligibility criteria. Following documents are needed:

  • 10th Pass Certificate and Mark sheet (having birth date on it)
  • 12th Pass Certificate and Mark sheet (for 12th pass)
  • Domicile issued by governing authority
  • Caste Certificate
  • Character Certificate  issued by school/college principal/headmaster

You may need extra documents like NCC certificate, relational certificate, and outstanding certificate. These certificates should be verified by a relevant officer. The above documents should be original with a photocopy, and should be attested by principal/headmaster/Gazette Rank officer. You should be prepared with these documents with correct verification before you go to apply in Indian Army. Make sure your qualification matches with the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility criteria

It is important to be eligible and well qualified to get a desired post in Indian Army. The position of general soldier and JCO/OR has the maximum vacancies as compared to the other posts. Female too should meet the eligibility criteria to get selected for women military force.

Education: male as well as female should have passed SSC/Metric or 10th passed with a recognized board. Percentage should be above 45% in the 10th grade. One should obtain minimum 33% of marks in each subject.

Age limit: age limit for both male and female is from 17½ up to 21 years.

Aspirant has to the citizen of India with a nationality certificate.

If female is unmarried, she should have an unmarried certificate with a photograph should not be old more than 6 months.

Female candidate who are widows, divorced/ legally separated and do not have children are eligible for the recruitment.

Female candidate height should be 142 cm or more.

How is army recruitment conducted?

As you have decided to join Indian army, first you need to do is apply online. Next you will get your admit card to submit in Bharti. Admit is important for you, as it will be needed to carry it to the Bharti ground. They will check your admit card in the ground.

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Reach the ground prior to the time, in order to be in the first row of racing ground.  After getting in line your height is being checked in order to select the best from all. Once your height and admit card has been checked, than you will be categorized into different groups in order to race.

If you qualify the race, your body measurements, physical test and balancing is conducted. Next step is the medical test and finally comes the written exam.

At the end, your total marks from written exam and physical test is calculated and merit list is prepared. According to you mars they decide, whether to include your name in the cut off list or not.

Preparation for Indian army

The actual challenge in selection of Indian Army recruitment is the race. One thing is crystal clear that if you cannot endure the pain, than you should not apply for Indian Army. If you are preparing for the race, you should also be prepared for enduring pain. You should be regularly active because you won’t be able to run even 1 mile at your top speed without vigorous practice. Remember you will be competing with several more like you. So, you have to be quick, with your full stamina and strength.

How to maintain regularity?

You will have to keep yourself in a good physical condition. You may need a vigorous 2 to 3 months of tough practice. You will have to increase your speed daily to achieve a goal of completing 3 to 4 km within 10 minutes. Females should have practice of running 1.5 to 2 km within 7-8 minutes. You can make a practice a plan that includes running 3 to 4 km within 10-12 minutes, skipping, and pushups and sit ups for at least 20 minutes, minimum 10 chin ups, and rope climbing of 4 to 5 meters.

 Now, you might think how to start?

You should move ahead only if you 100% sure of because it is a strong decision to admit yourself in Indian Army. Once you decide to join Indian Army, you should stick to it and begin with your practice. Always use the superior pair of shoes to run in and never run bare foot. If you do so you will get lot of injuries that can give lot of pain and than it might get difficult for you to run in the race.

What should you do before running?

 If your only goal is to be a part of Indian Army then, early morning and evening is the best time to have a good practice. Make sure you are fresh. Being hydrated before any practice keeps you going, so drink water 20 to 30 minutes before running, or have a glass of black coffee with a banana or an apple. As we know, coffee burns the fat cells to give you energy.

Have a proper lunch if you are planning to practice in the evening. Don’t go for an immediate run after having a meal. Have a three hours gap between your meals and running.

After running

When you finish practicing and running, do not drink water immediately, because it can cost your health. If your mouth is drying out, have a sip of water after running. But do not forget to drink water after every 30 minutes to keep you hydrated during your practice.

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While running

Choose to run on ground and not on road. Always first warm up your body by sprinting and stretching. You can also have a brisk walk for 3 to 5 minutes before picking up the speed. Do dynamic stretches before and after the run. Have practice of breathing through your nose and not through your mouth while running. If you practice running months prior the race, you will build the endurance and strength to remain ahead of others.

You should follow different types of techniques to build your strength and endurance but don’t follow all together. Do one kind of technique a day. If you don’t know what different techniques you can do, internet is the best place to learn.

How to proceed?

When you start practicing, you do not build that strength just in one day. It needs practice, patience, and focus. Start your practice and run at normal speed and then gradually increase the speed. Body needs time to adapt the new physical exercise schedule. Never waste your time in chitchatting, just wear on a set of headphone, turn on the music and get your practice started. As we discussed earlier, never just over do the exercise, gradually increase the level of exercise and your running speed.

In the rally

As mentioned earlier, be little early for the race in order to stand in the front row of the first batch. As the race starts don’t start running at your top speed, initially run at a good speed to keep you steady. Have faith in yourself and stay calm. Thought the crowd is moving ahead of you, focus on your run and stay positive because no one has practiced as hard as you. When you reach on your finals laps, increase your speed and do not get dis-balanced because if you fall, you may be removed from the rally.

Preparation for pull ups and push ups

Pull ups and push up in rally of Indian Army recruitment is slightly different from the regular pushups. You will have to perform as the instructor. That is you will rise up when he/she asks you to and you will come down as per his/her (instructor) choice. If the instructor asks you to rise up and not to come down, you will have to be in the same position as long as the instructor wants. Therefore prepare yourself with the rigorous train, as much as hard you can train yourself. 

Remember to do practice daily. You should have practice of running, pushups, pull-ups, long jumps and high jumps.  You should be capable of doing 10 ft long jumps.

Female needs to perform a 10ft long jump and 3ft high jump to qualify the Indian Army recruitment.

Preparation for Indian Army Medical test

Indian army is the national duty toward our mother land therefore all candidates have to be medically fit. You can try to keep yourself fit and fine. There some tips that you can do well in your medical test.

4 to 5 days are taken to medically examine a candidate.

On the first day blood test, urine test, chest x-ray, and ultrasound are conducted.

On second day ear, nose & tongue (ENT), eyes are examined.

On third day surgical examination takes place.

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On forth day they check your eyes and teeth.

On fifth day general medical examination like height, weight, blood pressure, and heartbeat is examined and medical conference is held.

You should be neat and tidy: your impressions falls good when you are neat and tidy. Remember that during medical examination, candidate has to be completely naked in the front of examiner. Clean and cut your nail, have a decent army haircut before medical examination. Do not forget to shave.

Ears should be clean: if the examiner finds wax in your ears, you may not get selected in medical examination. If you want to get your ears cleaned correctly, go to an expert rather than any random person. After all hearing ability is also the most important factor in Indian Army.

Be healthy: to be healthy one should have healthy food. Cut off junk food from your diet and try to stay away from injuries before medical examination.

Female should not have masculine characteristic or she will be considered unfit or will be rejected.  A female can get disqualify if she is pregnant. During examination, female should bring a medical certificate of no pregnant status from government medical doctor. Medicals certificate of no pregnant status should be fresh, carrying a recent date.

Female suffering from amenorrhea and menorrhagia are considered unfit or unhealthy. Hence they should carry medical certificate for the same.

Preparation for Indian Army written examination

Written exam is the second most difficult thing after the running race. Just like water filtration, 100 are selected from thousands in physical examination, from that hundreds only few make their way through medical examination, and only handful are capable to pass the written examination. You have to be prepared and give best performance because there is lot of competition in Indian army at present date. First let see he paper pattern:

The written exam will be of 100 marks, from which 32 marks and above is the passing marks. Candidates will have 1 hr in their hand to finish the test. Paper is divided in three parts:

  • GK or general knowledge = 30% questions from the whole paper.
  • General science = 40% questions from paper.
  • Mathematics = remaining 30% questions from paper.

Prepare well for the exam as if your answer is wrong, you will get a negative marks. If your one answer is incorrect, 0.5 marks are deducted and 1 marks for two incorrect answers.


  • For general knowledge reading newspaper is must. 
  • Whenever you feel the content or the topic is important, make notes so that you can refer later.
  • Put regular efforts in studying too because study for the entrance examination a day prior will not give you fruitful results.
  • Try to divide the syllabus and study. It makes things easier to understand n remember.
  • Have a habit of practicing test paper to get familiar with question asked in the exam.
  • Ado not forget to revise, it will make you remember minute things that are really important.
  • Keep your mobile phone away from yourself whenever you sit to study. Else you will get distracted. Have a positive attitude and do not stress yourself much on the day of your exam. Stay calm and think positive.

The above mentioned information will definitely help you to crack the Indian Army recruitment. Practice hard, study smart and all the best!

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