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Twentieth century is the era of glamour; even in the hustles of daily life we spend a good amount of time to look good and to maintain our beauty. In the venture of skin care ,cosmetics play a very important role in our day to day life hence it is very important to know if the choices we made regarding our skin care rituals informed or not.

What are cosmetics?

As the definition goes cosmetics are any products applied with the purpose of enhancing our body, especially the face.  The purpose of cosmetic is to improve or change our skin, hair, nails, teeth or complexion. The cosmetic industry is amongst the most flourishing industries of the decade and the categories:

Skincare ranges


Moisturizers, creams, powders, essential oils, toners, serums, and precisely every product which works on the better quality and appearance of the skin are included in this category and the category accounts for 20% of the total cosmetics sold.

Hair care ranges


Accounting for 25% of the sales this range includes all the products that make the hair look and feel better. The list of products includes shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, essential oils etc.

Face care ranges


The face care range includes cosmetic products specifically designed to work on face. What makes this category different from the skin care products is while the products are still applied on the skin they cannot be applied to the other body parts.

Personal care range


This range includes the bathing product used for oral care such as toothpaste’ mouthwash, whitening products and other cosmetic such as soap , massaging oils, bathing gel, etc.

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Treatment care range

As the name suggests, the cosmetic products designed to cure skin and hair programs comes under the treatment care range.

FDA approval for cosmetic products

Cosmetic products have become a vital part of our lives but it is an astonishing fact that most of us are unknown to its various aspects. Bringing light to one of its aspect is the link between FDA and cosmetics. Did you know cosmetics are never FDA-approved but always FDA-regulated?

The federal food, drug and cosmetic act (FD&C) and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA) are the two most essential laws under the authority of which FDA regulates the cosmetics market in interstate commerce.

The Federal Laws are enacted by congress which authorizes government authorities such as FDA for the regulation of these laws. The aim of these laws is to prevent the circulation of adulterated or misbranded cosmetic.

Adulteration could be dangerous, as the cosmetic products are applied directly to the skin, hair or other body parts it can easily get absorbed into the bloodstream hence any compromise to the quality or mixing of toxic ingredients to such products can be hazardous for health.

The deceptively packaged or improperly labeled products are categorized as “misbranding”.

Cosmetic – a dangerous disaster

Despite the implementation of such strict laws there is no lying to the fact that most of the cosmetics contains chemical ingredient gradually depleting the quality of skin and hair. Let us take a look to the various ingredients and their harmful effects;

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Used for the purpose of lathering, this ingredient can be harmful to the skin and eyes, while it can prematurely take off dye from your hair; it is even being regarded as a threat to environment and aquatic lives.


Primarily used as a preservative for products such as soaps, lotions and makeup, studies have shown that parabens increases the production of estrogens in females and can even led to breast cancer.


Nailpolishes, perfumes and lotionsare few examples of product containing phthalates which are reproductive and developmental toxins.

Synthetic colors and fragrance

Synthetic colors derived from coal tar are used in products such as lipstick and eye shadows can cause skin irritations, acne breakouts, cancer and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD).  Fragrances used to make the products attractive are carcinogens causing respiratory disorders, dermatitis, skin allergies and cancer.

Chemicals in sunscreens

The creams offering you to protect your skin from the sunrays are proving to cause more harm to the body. Triclosan, toluene, talc, lead, polyethylene Glycol, formaldehyde, diethanolamine, alcohol, hydroquinone, petrolatum etc are some other ingredients which are present in large amounts in one skin care or the other hence making the product a poison taking you to a slow and painful death.

This products are carcinogens, allergens or hormone disruptors causing harmful affects to the different parts of the body

Go herbal!! It’s the better choice.


Counting the harms cosmetics are doing to your body raises the question of what alternatives do we really have. But just like the organic foods which are coming out as the better food resources in terms of nutrients and health, organic and herbal cosmetics are proving to be the solution for proper skin nourishment and care.

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As we have grown up listening, nature has its own way of healing thus we can use some herbal ingredients that are not only easy but also very beneficial for our body. Some of this includes;

  • Using coconut oil which is equally beneficial for your skin and body. Coconut oil is a rich source of antioxidant and provides vitamin E, it reduces dryness and wrinkles for skin and helps get rid of dandruff from hair scalp.
  • Henna is an excellent natural hair dye which conditions the hair hence improving its quality.
  •  Aloe Vera is known to be nature’s best moisturizer for people struggling with dry skin.
  •  Garlic when rubbed to the skin clears acne, gives skin a glow and purifies blood.
  •  Sandalwood is a good replacement for anti acne creams.
  • Reetha (soapnuts) and shikakai are the best combination to apply on your hair for dryness.
  • Pomegranate easily available in the market can be used as a lip gloss which will not only give redness but also repair your lips naturally.

Summary; while choosing to look beautiful we should make sure that what we are doing to our skin and body is not only working to beautify the skin but also giving it nourishment. Cosmetic industry is a fast growing market and hence there is a wide variety of products available to us, but we should work on choosing herbal products free from toxics that are slowly pushing us to our death beds.

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