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Guest Blogging

Write For Us!

Become a contributor to promote knowledge on health, wellness, fitness, sports, and many more. Minutia is looking for passionate writers who want to share their ideas and knowledge while growing your portfolio of writing samples, than this is the right place for you. Currently there is no financial compensation for writers, but as the site grow, we intent to change that for you.

One rule that Minutia strictly follows is to research hard before writing for any category, as one cannot produce a comprehensive piece of unique work without pursuing a significant research. We are committed to expand the knowledge from a variety of fields of which people are not at all aware of. We not only provide already existing information but also tend to provide proven tips and recommendations that can come very much in handy and be useful in sorting out your businesses, your health as well as your fitness.

We are looking for fresh and versatile writers, who want to eagerly join us. You will be always welcomed to become the regular contributor for our site and “write for us”. We would be gratified to include your contributions in our site, as your articles and blogs will be published with your author name to our website to our target audience.

Guidelines and Expectations

  • Write minimum of three articles per week, providing articles on health and fitness, diseases and disorders, sports, Beauty and cosmetics, Myths, Ayurveda, Proteins, Workouts, and upcoming categories.
  • Each article/blog should be between 1000 -1500 words.
  • Plagiarism will be strictly checked.
  • If you are finding difficulty to find titles for your blogs or confused from where to start, we are always here to help you.
  • Use proper headings Use proper blogs etiquette that includes NO offensive and provocative words.
  • Do include image or a screenshot related to your content.
  • Include one anchor text back-link to your website.
  • We shall not accept any content related to porn, gambling, dating, casino, nudity, or any kind of drug to promote.
  • We reserve the right to reject or alter any post without prior to any notification.
  • We reserve the right to edit the post for grammatical errors and structure.

Benefits for writing for Minutia

  • Guidance, resources and training for to succor you to write killer contents.
  • Work from anywhere and write about your passion.
  • Build your personal brand to succor you Stand Out in crowd.
  • Get guidance to build your career portfolio.
  • Increase your backlinks by blogging for us.

If you have read the guidelines and ready to submit your content, prepare your content in MS Word format including one anchor text backlink and send it to us on